Your products

It's unlimited

  • YourShop accepts all type of products including software to download and licences.
  • We will initially install a demo shop to allow you to get acquainted with YourShop BackOffice.
  • While your shop is not ready for the public, only you will have access to it, using a password.

It's easy

  • Please watch the video entitled `creating a product'.
  • YourShop obtains a very high ranking on the results pages of search engines. By following the recommendations of your YourShop adviser, your product range will be indexed perfectly.

Manage your shop

  • YourShop BackOffice is extremely fast - managing hundreds of articles is child's play.
  • 50+ videos dealing with more complex topics are available for free on YouTube

Run your shop

  • View your sales by client, day, month, year or other criteria, in the BackOffice of YourShop.
  • YourShop uses Google analytics and allows you, with adwords, to monitor your conversions.

Take over an existing shop

  • We will help you to import your articles from another online shop. Contact us for more information on how to do this.
  • Connect directly to your ERP (management software) to handle a large number of products.